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CREATE YOUR OWN Digital Album Cards

Fizzkicks has always been about providing new and innovative ways for artists to distribute their music off-line and online. Infact, we hit the streets with our music download cards before anyone even knew what a music download card was or how it worked. and indie artists seem to start the cool trends ahead of the curve. So once again... a big thanks to all the original members of Fizzkicks who adopted the idea of music download cards first!

As you might have seen in the big box stores, major labels like SONY BMG MUSIC expand into this new physical format of digital music distribution. They see music download cards as a good thing, but all of us already knew it before they announced the distribution of their artists like Alicia Keys, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Avril Lavigne, Elvis Presley and a ton more through this new format. I am personally happy about it, because I believe it is good for the majors, their artists and their fans. Music Download Cards are a win-win solution for everyone! FizzKicks is all about the independent artist. With our services, you too can make your own full length album cards, add unlimited amount of material on it and sell it for whatever price you want! It is still a cool thing to be able to take control of your own distribution and artistic endeavors.

Filed under: Fizzkicks News - Posted 01/15/2009 5:37 a.m.
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