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Since 2006, we've generated 100s of thousands of download cards for big and small bands across the globe.

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Distribute HD audio & video quality... full albums and more.

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Promote your singles, albums, videos, digital booklets and more.
Fizzkicks DesignLab

Build better cards... Express your style.

Our revolutionary DesignLab™ technology gives you the freedom to create visually rich download card design with any configuration of text, images, or clip art by dragging items exactly where you want them. Everything is always aligned for amazing print quality. They look and work tremendously.

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Next Generation Features

Our DesignLab™ comes packed with features you'll love. Enjoy easy uploading your own designs and clip art, or design it all online using our card design templates. Edit images, rotate, flip, layer, resize, change colors and add text. Save, edit and resue your card designs anytime.

Making your download cards for singles, albums, videos, pdfs, docs, photos and more is effortless.

We believe the creation process for making dynamic download cards should be as flexible as possible so you can use them how you want. Designing and proofing the look of your cards can be done right in our Design Lab. Making what your card will allow your fan to download is a matter of just a few clicks.

Control every aspect of your download cards.
 Set activation date and expiration dates.
 Set number of times it can be redeemed.
 Set card value as FanChoice or SpecificMedia type.
 Update card's value anytime.

Design your cards.

Your new cards will transform the way you distribute your digital media in the physical world and transform the way your fans enjoy receive and enjoy your new releases. Our DesignLab gives you all the necessary tools to make pixel perfect download card projects.

 Design front & back.
 Vertical or horizontal card orientation.
 Add text, images and clip art.
 Edit, rotate, and delete functions
 Select fonts and colors.

Proof & Order Cards

Designing your cards in the online DesignLab is a breeze. Proofing them is even simpler. No waiting. When everything looks good to you, just approve your front and back designs and place your order. Our priority technology pre-flights your designs direct to our digital state-of-the-art printing presses. Your card will be finished in less than 3 days! Fast is just standard for us.

Manage Card Projects

Design the card styles that fit your campaign effortlessly - modify previous order cards for new projects and more. Fizzkicks is the only service that lets you order cards for live shows and upload media later! So yes - you can change the redemption value of your cards anytime, even after they are ordered! That's a dynamic card. That's an amazing DesignLab making amazing download cards.

Control Everything
Dynamic Configuration Features

FanChoice Media Configuration

Provides your fans the freedom to select & download what they want from your media store based the parameters you set on the card. Such as 1 song, 1 video and or 1 album or any number of combinations.

SpecificMedia Configuration

Instantly gives your fans exactly what you want them to download. Whether it's specific song(s), album(s), video(s), photo(s) or any combination of media. This is great for selling singles, albums or bundled media. Specific Media™ configured cards will automatically prompt fan to download exactly what you intended them to receive.

Real-Time Control Features

At anytime you can set your cards activation dates, expiration dates, and the media your fans can redeem from it. Access Code Control Options gives you ultimate freedom to create live show cards or the ability to sell exclusive pre-releases! If you want to create a card that renews - go ahead change the value of your cards anytime.

Safety Correction Features

Manage your cards before and after they are ordered. Our exclusive Redemption Value Control features makes it super simple for you to adjust, or completely change what your download cards can be redeemed for even after they have been ordered. So if your music isn't mixed yet, but you need your cards now, order them and set the value of your cards later.

Download Cards. Singles. Albums. Videos. Digital Booklets.

Sell them all on your terms. Keep 100% of Sales.

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