The most advanced download card.

Since 2006, we've generated 100s of thousands of download cards for big and small bands across the globe.

Standard Download Cards

Standard credit card size... Everything else about it is extraordinary.

Lanyard Download Cards

Hang them on your hip, wear them around your neck... tag them to your merch.

MiniCube Download Cards

Give them away like snacks. Electrify your single releases.
Embrace The Download Card

Small wonder.. Big Impact.

Fun was built into every millimeter of the most advanced download card available. It does more than ever, more powerfully than ever, from delivering amazing lossless audio quality to providing the simplest redemption process with our Touch-Card microchip technology. And every card is printed in high definition quality.
They look and work tremendously.

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Custom designed cards

There's thin, light and powerful. FK download cards has a super thin durable protective coat that protects your card's design and fits easy in your fan's pocket. They come full color front and back, custom designed by you. With FK brand packaging, displaying your cards on your merch table will look as good as the media your fans will redeem from them. Use our FK DesignLab to create and proof your card exactly how it will be printed.

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It's not just a download card. Its an amazing way to deliver your music, video and digital booklet to anyone, anywhere.

We've made it incredibly simple for creating download cards to respond exactly the way your fans would expect them to work. Go ahead use them to sell your albums, singles, videos or special packages complete with digital booklets and bonus tracks. Another flexible option is to release download cards that allow your fans to select what they want from you. It's just a breeze to control the redemption limits on your cards or to open it up full throttle. Everything is controlled by you. So the choice is yours on how you want your fans to use them, what they can download from them and how you want to use them to promote your music.

Control every aspect of your download cards.
 Set activation date and expiration dates.
 Add NFC or QR Code options.
 Set card value as FanChoice or SpecificMedia type.
 Update card's value anytime.

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Redeeming cards from mobile, tablet or desktop just got super smart.

We want your fan to enjoy your download card the minute they put it in their hand. Our priority SDCR™ technology gives your fan an effortless download card redemption experience from any device. Whether your fan is holding a FanChoice™ or Specific Media™ card in their hand, our intuitive interface design gives them exactly what they want when they want it. No thinking required - just pure enjoyment!

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Our FanBox media collection was crafted so nothing gets between you and your fans enjoying your music, videos, digital booklets or whatever you'd love for them to see and experience.

Immediately after your fans purchases or redeems their download card for your media, those items are automatically made available for downloading or streaming directly from their private FanBox account on any device. This makes it easy for them to re-download their media at any time. If they lost the original or the download was interrupted, their FanBox will have them all in one location neatly organized.

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FK TouchCard One. Engineered for an extremely effective way to synch the media from your card to your fan's mobile with OneTap with no typing of access code. OneTap does it all.

Advanced NFC microchip inside. Our new FK TouchCard One has a chip hidden inside the card that contains all the necessary functions to deliver an amazingly smooth interaction between your fan's mobile phone and what they will be redeeming from your card. All in a completely new design that takes full advantage of mobile technology on every level.

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From every aspect to every angle, its never been so liberating to control it all.

With one account you can manage and control all of your download card projects across multiple artist accounts.
Freedom. At any time you can set your card's activation dates, expiration dates and the type of media your fans can redeem from it.
Live concert cards & exclusive pre-releases! Our full access control options gives you complete freedom to add media to your cards after you order them. So now your fans can buy tonight's live show or even purchase cards to be the first to receive your pre-releases!

Download Cards. Singles. Albums. Videos. Digital Booklets.

Sell them all on your terms. Keep 100% of Sales.

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