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Kuwait is a Rap Artist ,Born in Houston, TX in the Neighborhood of South Acres, the nephew of black legendary country singer Dobie Gray famous for his 70s hit "Drift Away" In elementary school, Kuwait received certificates for music, talent shows and hosting morning announcements, . Growing up in the same neighborhood  and listening to Scarface, who also lived in South Acres, as well as K-Rino, both taught him the blueprint of creating an album. Battling Scarface, in Mom and Pop Music Shops and on Willie D. of the Geto Boys radio talk show Reality Check, gave him the courage that he needed to hold his own in the entertainment industry as a lyricist, Kuwait later recorded an album, Kuwait: 'Babylon" which includes guest appearances from artist such as Grammy nominee, Trumpet Player Calvin Owens, K-Rino, and Shyheim of the Wu-Tang Clan. You can also hear Kuwait on several compilations out of the TX region.& K-Rino 1999 release No Mercy, features him with the late legendary DJ Screw, Gangsta Nip, Point Blank, PSK 13, and others. Calvin Owens 2000 release Stop Lying in my Face featuring South Park Mexican, Hawk, Rasheed and other TX headliners. Kuwait is also featured on a 1999 compilation Big Six Ten to Get In. Kuwait has made apperences on Southern Affiliate in Miami Florida 2001,& Ruff Eyques UGs N Movement 2003, Wolftown Records from the UK 2004,South Acres -connected 2005,Charlie frank-street playa 2006,Ryno-THEY CALL ME NO 2006, K-rino-TIME TRAVELER 2006, K-rino-HEAD HUNTERS 2006,K-rino-BOOK NUMBER 7 2007,K-rino-the lyrical legend 2007,The 144elite 2007,AND 2008"THE FACE OF GOD" PRODUCED BY RIAA 3Xs CERTIFIED PLATINUM MUHAMMAD 2 G (JERRY MUHAMMAD)Nationally Distrubuted by: Select-o-Hits



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