Prodigal: the journey home

Prodigal: the journey home

Matt and Josie Minikus

Released: 03-01-2011

Copyright: 2011 Matt and Josie Minikus



ALBUM Information

There is an awakening that happens when we realize where our sins have taken us. We reflect with regret on the choices we made that brought us into a sort of bondage, but it’s at this place the beautiful narrative of the “prodigal son” becomes a light of hope to us. This album is the confessions of a prodigal and the journey home.

Aaron Tate
Psalm 139 (03:33)
Josie Minikus
Rest Awhile (06:04)
Josie Minikus
Psalm 69 (04:58)
Matthew Jacoby
Come to Me (04:48)
Josie Minikus
Deliver Us (04:32)
Andrew Peterson
Josie Minikus
Psalm 17 (04:12)
Matthew Jacoby
Josie Minikus
Josie Minikus
I Will Arise (03:26)
Jimmy Webb
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