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Selling your digital media online is incredibly simple and straight forward. Fizzkicks ArtistStore™ lets you start selling your digital media direct to your fans and accepting payments. Plus, where your fans can redeem your download cards.

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No RevenueSharing

Engage and grow your fan base, showcase all your content, and sell direct online.

Cloud-Powered  Media Player

Our exclusive media architecture maximizes performance and delivers lossless audio quality.

Social Media Tools

Fans help promote and share your songs, albums, and more on the social stratosphere.
Beautifully Organized

Natural fit on mobile and tablets.

The FK Artist Profile Store is the easiest way to show off the albums, singles, and videos you've worked countless hours in the studio creating. It's also the best way to spotlight those magical live show moments, plus much more... like your latest news, photos, show dates and enlightening biography.

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Stunning Site

Fizzkicks provides you a free beautiful site right out of the box to make your content stand out. It is where your cards can be redeemed and your singles, albums and videos can be directly purchased by your fans effortlessly.

Mobile Site

Incredible mobile site built-in. Each Fizzkicks Artist-Site includes a mobile version too, so your fans can experience your media anytime, anyplace, on any device. Oh yeah, and redeem their cards right from their mobile device. Just another reason you'll love Fizzkicks!

Website Widget

Wonderful HTML5 Media Widget.Our revolutionary media widget gives you the freedom to allow your fans to use your download cards from your own website plus streaming and download media. A place for fans to redeem your download cards wherever you embed your HTML5 widget.

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Simple Media Management.

Our intuitive artist admin controls let you add and manage your site's media directly from within the page itself. Managing songs, albums, photos, videos, bio, news, and shows is without a doubt effortless.

Sell Online.

When you sell online with Fizzkicks, money flows directly to your PayPal account. We don't hold a single penny of yours.

Set Your Own Sale Prices (even free).
 Sell singles
 Sell albums
 Sell bundled albums w/digital booklets & photos, pdfs, etc.
 Sell videos

Media Metadata.

When you upload media, we make sure your tracks include metadata such as album cover, artist, title, copyright, genre, etc. So when your fan downloads and imports them into their own media player it comes to them complete.

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High Quality Audio Tracks.

Just upload your lossless audio files (WAV or AIFF) and we'll automatically convert your songs to MP3 and OGG Vorbis for an amazing online listening experience on any device. We also provide your fans an array of downloadable formats (MP3, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, AAC and OGG) to choose from. Just another intelligent way Fizzkicks is making your songs more accessible and preserving your fan's options to download lossless audio formats of their choice.

 Post Your Lyrics
 Post Your Song Commentary

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Post Unlimited Media.

Our service is built around music. We don't cap you. In fact, we encourage you to post all your albums and singles! Ultra-Fast. Every Artist-Store includes fast, unlimited media hosting running on a Level 1 PCI compliant network with highly configured media servers designed specifically for artists on Fizzkicks. All transactions go through a 128 bit SSL encryption technology to secure your media and online payments.

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Picture Perfect Photo Gallery.

Showcase your photos with multiple presentations including full-screen, slideshows and light-box mode. You can upload high-res images and we automatically create perfectly versions for every device. So go ahead upload a combination of square and rectangle shapes. They will looks wonderful on every device from every view.

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Stream & Sell Videos

Are you a film maker? Selling workshop seminars? Got exclusive documentary footage? Or just something way cool you filmed? At Fizzkicks, you can stream your videos from YouTube to promote your media or offer them as downloadable videos for sale.

 Sell Your Live Video Concerts
 Sell Your Short Films
 Sell Your Video Documentaries
 Or Promote Your Video Highlights

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Post all your shows. We have integrated with! Just enter your SongKick id and quickly import your Songkick concert information directly into your Fizzkicks artist profile page.

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News Feeds

Keeping your fans update with your band's latest news is simple. We have integrated with Facebook. When you make posts to your News Feed through your Facebook account it automatically gets pushed out to your Fizzkicks Artist Profile page.

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Tell your fans all about your accomplishments, the who, what and why about your band.

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Standard Plan

15% Revenue Share for online sales and get paid instantly. We never hold your money.

There are no member signup fees and no media storage costs. Sell directly to your fans online and pay a 15% revenue share on only your online digital sales. We never take a cut from your download card sales!


$12.00 per month. Keep 100% of your online sales plus always get a 15% discount on all download card orders!

The ProPlan offers zero revenue sharing with us. We don’t take a cut from your online sales no matter how much volume you sell. Plus this plan includes ability to offer special bonus album media inserts, and you get a 15% ProPlan member discount on all download card orders you purchase.

Sell Online. Singles. Albums. Videos. Digital Booklets.

Sell them all on your terms. Keep 100% of Sales.

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