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Peter Frampton at Capitol Theatre (June 1, 2016)
Capitol Theatre
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Peter Frampton
I am always so thankful for the service women and men who put themselves in harms way to keep us safe. Many go away to never return. So this weekend, every year, we salute them all. I must thank the families of those taken in action. They are the ones left behind knowing their loved ones were doing what they believed in whilst making the ultimate sacrifice. Both my father and grandfather fought in world wars. They did that so, hopefully, my brother and I wouldn't have to fight in a war. We were the lucky ones. To honour all the lost sons, daughters, mothers and fathers here is the best way I can pay tribute. Music speaks loudly even with a soft song. So here are myself and my lost musician brother, Bob Mayo, performing Tim Hardin's incredible song, "Hang On To A Dream".
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Hummingbird in a Box, the latest work from legendary musician Peter Frampton, will be released June 24 2014 via RED Distribution. The new music was inspired by the Cincinnati Ballet, featuring seven original guitar pieces in Frampton's virtuosic stylings. Frampton composed all songs on the mini-album along with Gordon Kennedy, who also co-produced the recording. The two previously teamed up for Fingerprints, which garnered them both a Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Album.

The music debuted in April 2013 at Cincinnati’s Aronoff Center for the Arts. Two of the Cincinatti Ballet&rsq...

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